Cassida Pro Series – Defining a New Dawn in Currency Discriminators

Cassida Pro creates innovative and leading-edge technology to serve the banking and financial industry as well as retailers that require heavy-duty and precise solutions to meet their high-volume cash processing needs.

Durability and accuracy are key requirements in cash handling. For over a decade, we have used our superb engineering, innovative design, intuitive user interface and precision in order to both service – and become a trusted partner to – global banks, financial institutions and larger retailers.

The Cassida Pro Series is built on the concept of delivering real value, by giving those who use cash processing machines a strong voice in product development. And we continue to communicate with industry representatives and those who supply the cash handling sectors with equipment.

Why should tellers and cashiers do multiple processes?
They can all be done at once on a Cassida Pro product
At Cassida Pro, we live for streamlining, and develop ways for our devices to take on the bulk of the workload. And we’re passionate about giving you value. You’ll find our devices offer multiple counting functions that legacy machines can’t match.
We engineer durability and efficiencies into the Cassida Pro product line, consciously working to meet the demand for a streamlined solution that performs better. We believe in creating products that work hard for you and your team, so we’ve introduced the Cassida Pro Series Zeus, a 2-Pocket Currency Discriminator. Take a look at what the Cassida Pro Series Zeus can do for you.

Cassida Pro Series Zeus

Cassida Pro Series Zeus defines a new dawn in 2-pocket currency discriminators. With its unparalleled bill recognition, advanced counterfeit detection capabilities and detailed count reporting functions, Zeus packs amazingly strong features into a compact body – and rejects the fewest bills of any discriminator in its class.

Model Cassida PRO Zeus
Counting speed 800/1000 bill/min
Hopper capacity 500 + bills
Reject capacity 100 bills
Stacker capacity 200 bills
Detections MG, full-line UV, double-sided IR, high definition color CIS, color spectrum analysis.
Bill size range 120 x 60 to 180 x 90 mm
Power supply 100-240/50-60Hz
Weight 16.75 lbs (7.6 kg)
Size 10.8″ W x 9.8″ D x 12″ H (276*250*305 mm)

Model Cassida PRO Zeus
Modes Mixed, Sort, Face, Orient, Piece count
Strapping by number of bills 100-50-25-20-10 presets, 1-100 adjustable
Strapping by amount
Strapping by denomination
Maintenance reminder by date or by number of bills
Rear dust collector
Front dust cover (on/off)
Adjustable reject and stacker capacity
Self-update of software from a USB flash drive
Changeable screen skins
Audio signal on/off
Download reports to USB flash drive
Optional remote display
Optional PC connection software
Optional printer

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Quality tested, quality assured

Every individual Cassida Pro Series product undergoes rigorous testing and performance evaluation prior to being shipped from our U.S. facility to you. Your unit arrives ready to use, as soon as your team opens the box.

About Us

Cassida Pro is a division of Cassida North America, America’s number one brand in business grade cash processing. For over a decade we’ve enabled small businesses to count, detect and process cash. Now we’ve built our innovative Pro Series brand to specifically serve banking, financial institutions and larger retailers that require heavy duty, accurate and advanced solutions to meet their high volume cash processing needs.

All Cassida Pro Series products are developed to solve real-world needs. We work directly with tellers, cashiers and cash room employees, using their feedback and insight to build better, more intuitive products that streamline processes, save time and improve efficiencies in cash handling.
Our lineup of products continues to evolve and products are continually being developed by our US-based product development team. Check back often to see what new ideas and innovations we’re bringing to market.

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