NGA 2023 Welcomed Cassida Pro to Vegas!

Grocers gathered at NGA 2023 in Vegas, and Cassida Pro was there to connect with industry leaders to discuss its cash counting solutions. With more than 40 sessions and workshops and 300+ exhibitors, the nation’s grocery retailers, wholesalers industry executives, manufacturers and suppliers were all there to get in on the latest trends that help feed us.

Cassida Pro was excited to introduce the RevolAIR SR-B1 to NGA for the first time, making its 

open-air recycler available to the industry.  The SR-B1 enables grocers to automate cash, creating a middle automation category in retail grocery cash management, which is ideal for small to mid-sized chains. The RevolAIR SR-B1 provides users 80 percent of the features of a back-office recycler for only 10 percent of the cost, making it a more economical and time efficient way to process cash.

Cassida Pro is proud to be a part of NGA and is excited to see what advances we can make on grocery this year!