Cassida Pro Reveals Industry’s First Middle Automation Cash Room Solution

Cassida Pro today announced the launch of its new Cassida Pro Split Recycler, the industry’s first middle automation cash room solution. The Cassida Pro Split Recycler’s low cost makes cash room automation accessible to businesses of all sizes.  It optimizes cash flow, saves time employees spend on cash handling, and provides full cash cycle transparency.  

“The new Cassida Pro Split Recycler is the solution for businesses who find Back Office Recyclers to be out of budget but want to lose the scale and move their business into the information age.  It gives end-users the power to split the value proposition of Back Office Recyclers into pieces and then choose which features best suit their business needs, like a cafeteria plan,” said Matthew Holt, director of partnerships and operations for Cassida Pro.  “The value proposition of middle automation in cash room solutions is significant.  The Split Recycler offers 80 percent of the features offered by a Back Office Recycler at only seven percent of its cost.”

The middle automation category in retail cash management bridges the gap between a fully automated Back Office Recycler and the lack of automation in a scale/hand counting operation. The Cassida Pro Split Recycler offers middle automation providing end-users with best-of-class features that help where they are needed most. 

  • Automation of counting drawers and checking in cash – employees need to only insert the money and the Split Recycler automates cash flow processing from there, including sorting, counting, and bagging. 
  • The Split Recycler is modern, with the option to integrate into all major accounting software.  This allows it to input accurate totals from cash counted into any system; eliminating the need to be manually transferred.  
  • The Split Recycler is affordable, costing less money than a single year of maintenance for a Back Office Recycler. 
  • Additional options include automation of change orders and deposit pickup (utilizing an outside vendor or Cassida’s). 
  • Data collected allows managed services to forecast cash flow.
  • The Split Recycler is modular and when needing maintenance, Cassida’s Depot service allows for the end-user’s equipment to be swapped out easily with a replacement unit, eliminating downtime. This completely takes away the pain point of costly on-site maintenance and extended delays waiting for a technician to service a machine. 

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Cassida Pro is a division of Cassida North America, America’s number one brand in business grade cash processing solutions.  For over a decade, Cassida North America has enabled small businesses to count, detect and process cash. Now, the company has built an innovative Pro Series brand to specifically serve banking, financial institutions and larger retailers that require heavy duty, accurate and advanced solutions to meet their high-volume cash processing needs. All Cassida Pro Series products are developed to solve real-world needs. We work directly with tellers, cashiers and cash room employees, using their feedback and insight to build better, more intuitive products that streamline processes, save time and improve efficiencies in cash handling. Cassida Pro’s lineup of products continues to evolve, and products are continually being developed by our US-based product development team.

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