2+1 Pocket Currency Fitness Sorter

    Fast And Accurate Counting

    Best Bill Recognition – Fewer Rejects

    Dual User Operability

    Comprehensive Fitness Detection

    Fitness Sorting 

    Denomination Sorting   

    Face/Orientation Sorting

    Version Sorting

    Dual Side Serial Number Reading

    Designed with Serviceability in Mind

    Remote Software Upgrades


    Model Cassida PRO M3
    Sensors Dual CIS,   MG, MT, IR, UV, Mechanical Thickness
    Free Count Speed 1200 Bill/Min
    Value Count Speed 1000 Bill/Min
    Serial Number Reading 900 Bill/Min
    Fitness Sorting 900 Bill/Min
    Hopper Capacity 1000 Bills
    Stacker Capacity 200 Bills *2
    Display 5'' Touch Display
    Dimensions 12.2” x 17.8” x 15.3” (310 x 450 x 390 mm)
    Weight 54.2 lbs (24.6 kg)
    Power Supply 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Interface RJ9, DB9(RS-232), USB, SD Card Slot, LAN

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