Smart Safe

In a world where cash is under increasing pressure from electronic payments, smart safes are making cash payments a less expensive and more reliable option for retailers by decoupling the credit for their deposit from the physical location of the currency.

The brand new Cassida Smart Safe stands as the best in the industry, combining durable 2.5mm/ 12 gage steel enclosure with state of the art bill validation technology. The robust design, increased processing speed, and state-of-the art sensor technology combine to make the Cassida Smart Safe the best choice for a wide range of automated payment/deposit applications.

The Cassida Smart Safe Solution gives a cash intensive operation such as Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Cannabis Dispensaries, Fast Food Restaurants, Department Stores, and Dollar Stores the ability to utilize technology in conjunction with the POS or (back office cash rooms) that was only reserved for much more expensive and dependent currency recyclers.